Tuesday, December 18, 2012

No Problem!

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Carolyn retired said...

Katie, I need some help from an experienced beader. I'm making a long multi-strand pearl necklace like one that a friend of mine owns. It has no clasp; you just put it on over your head. There is a connector bead that is worn on the side, and the strands just disappear into it. It looks like it is stainless steel, a very slightly curved tube, and measures about 32x13mm. There is no opening other than the normal hole in the end, which look to be ~2mm or so. I cannot find any such type of bead anywhere! It doesn't have to look like this one, but in general I can't find large "connector" beads (or whatever they would be called); all I can find are clasps. Two questions: where could I find such a bead? And how would I secure the ends of the pearl strands inside it, since it doesn't open?
I appreciate any help you could give me. Thanks!!
Carolyn Randall

Katie Hacker said...

Hi Carolyn, this sounds like a great project. I'm trying to picture the connector you're talking about, but I'm not sure if this is it. Could you use something like this?
You'd have to use a beading awl to knot the ends together deep inside the wide part of the cone.