Sunday, November 11, 2012

It's a Wrap: Holiday Packaging Ideas

Holiday mania is starting to take over at my house! The kids are making peppermint/chocolate covered pretzels and they've been adding things to their ever-expanding wish lists. I'm escaping to my studio to make a few more ideas like these beaded memory wire ornaments. 

To make a beaded ornament:
1. Cut a 6" piece of wire and make a wrapped loop to attach it to a crystal pendant (see snowflake). Pass the wire through a 1" section of beads. Make a large wrapped loop.
2. Use memory wire shears to cut a single loop of bracelet-size Beadalon memory wire with the ends slightly overlapping.
3. String 4-6mm SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS bicones to cover half of the wire.
4. String a Bead Bumper silicone bead (or wrap a small coil of wire) onto each side of the beaded section to hold the beads in place.
5. Wrap BeadFix double-sided adhesive squares around the overlapping wire ends.
6. Cut 18" of ribbon and fold it in half.
7. Pass the fold through the large wrapped loop (from Step 1), place it close to the taped section of the memory wire, then pass the ribbon ends through the fold to tie a lark's head knot.
8. Attach the ornament to the top of a gift package. Or, simply hang it on the tree or in a window!

Looking for more beaded ornament ideas? Check out this vintage segment from Beads, Baubles & Jewels:

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