Thursday, January 05, 2012

T-Shirt Scarf Necklace

Here's my version of the t-shirt scarf necklace that has been floating around on the interwebs. It's a great upcycling project - it's fun, fast and gives new life to an old piece of clothing. My friend Tonya showed me how to make these before the holidays (thanks, T!) and I've made a bunch of them since then. I made a more elaborate, beaded version for the next series of Beads, Baubles & Jewels, but I've been wearing this gray one all the time. 

Old, soft cotton t-shirts work best. If you use a new shirt, I recommend washing it at least once before slicing and dicing. Striped and other multicolor shirts create interesting effects, just keep in mind that the printed side will roll to the inside of the t-shirt strings. Any size shirt will work: bigger shirts make longer scarves that you can wrap around multiple times. Smaller shirts might only fit once around your neck but you can stack several together. It's easy to experiment.
 The first thing you need to do is cut the shirt from side seam to side seam, from armpit to armpit. You also cut off the bottom seam. This is basically the body of the shirt and it creates a tube. Next, fold the shirt in half so the side seams touch, then cut 1" strips. You can use scissors or a rotary cutter.

Now, stretch the shirt from side-to-side and the strips will start to roll up. Cut an extra strip of t-shirt off the scraps and use it to gather and tie up the side seam. Repeat for the other side so you have a stringy circle.  You can really stretch it out a lot to make the scarf longer and the t-shirt strings tighter. One way to stretch it is to stand on one side of the circle and pull the other side upward. 

This is a fun project for craft night: pass it on!

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D R Designs said...

This looks like loads of fun and boy can I think of a few ways to really add even more pizzazz with beads. I am afraid I can't just leave anything without a bead,lol. Thanks for sharing a terrific way to bring a new life to an old shirt.